Sash Cord Repair

Sash Window Cord Repair Service In South East London

Sash Cord Repair Service In South East London Greenwich, we replace your broken sash cord and Counter Spring Balances weights, Price starts at £140 to change all 4 sash cords on standard size sash windows

If your sash cords have become loose and your window becomes hard to open, that could mean your sash cord has snapped. Not to worry we provide a sash cord repair service which will cover your needs. If your Windows are painted shut and cant open, get in touch with us via our contact form.

What is a Sash Cord? Answer Sash cords are the ropes use to hold the counter balances hidden in the sides of the box frame of the old style sliding sash window

Sash Cord Repair Price Chart

Sash Cord Replacement costAverage Cost For Service
Price to replace one inner sash cord£60
Price to replace one outer sash cord£70
Price to replace both inner sash cord£85
Price to replace both outer sash cord£100
Price to replace all four sash cord£140
Sash Cord Replacement Price Table

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Sash cord repair price
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