Sash Cord Repair

Sash Cord Repair Service In South East London Greenwich, our services include broken sash cord repair/Spiral Balance replacements Price start at £140 to change all four sash cords on standard-size sash windows.

If one or all four of your sash cords/spiral balances seem to be broken feel free to get in touch to put our services to use sash cord repair service based in southeast London.

What is a Sash Cord? Sash cords are the ropes used to attach the counterbalance weights hidden in the sides of a sash window box frame.

What is a Spiral Balance? A Spiral Balance for a sash window is a spring-loaded mechanism used as a counterbalance to keep sash windows hung correctly by adding the correct tension.

Sash Cord Repair Costs

The cost of repairing sash cords can vary depending on several factors such as the location, the complexity of the repair, and the service provider. Sash cords are commonly used in traditional double-hung windows, and they can wear out over time due to age and use. Repairing or replacing these cords is essential to maintain the proper functioning of the windows.

In London, the cost of sash cord repair can range from £140 to £180 per window. However, this cost may fluctuate based on the factors mentioned earlier.

It’s always best to obtain quotes from local repair services to get a more accurate estimate for your specific situation. Additionally, if you have multiple windows that require repairs, some providers might offer discounts for bulk repairs.

Sash Cord Repair Price Chart

Sash Cord Replacement CostAverage Cost For Service
Price to replace one inner sash cord£60
Price to replace one outer sash cord£70
Price to replace both inner sash cord£85
Price to replace both outer sash cord£100
Price to replace all four sash cord£140
Price to replce spiral balances inner sash£125
Price to replace spiral balances outer sash£145
Sash Cord Replacement Price Table
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Sash cord repair price
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